Trash to Treasure:
5 Noteworthy Products Reshaping Sustainable Design

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April 23, 2018
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May 6, 2019

Sustainable design solutions are taking center stage in today's ever-growing, ever-shifting global marketplace.

Because of this, many forward-thinking product manufacturers are passionate about minimizing their environmental footprint and leveraging sustainable energy sources, materials, and manufacturing processes. When it comes to manufacturing, often times products marketed as “environmentally-friendly” allow for materials to be recycled or re-used at the end of their life cycle, but little recycled or re-purposed materials go into the actual manufacturing process on the front end. In contrast, these 5 incredibly innovative products are reshaping sustainable design by utilizing organic or discarded materials to create beautiful, purposeful furniture that makes our world a better place.

1. Kuskoa Bi (by StudioTK)

The first piece of furniture to use bio-plastic

This unique, bio-plastic design is derived from plant-based renewable resources such as beets, corn, and sugar cane. It’s fully recyclable and also biodegradable. Find out more here!

2. 111 Navy Chair (by Emeco)

Upcycling disposable plastics

The 111 Navy Chair is made from 111 recycled plastic bottles. In the first 5 years since it’s launch, over 15 million bottles have been saved from landfills. Find out more here!

3. Outdoor Furniture (by Loll Designs)

An outdoor furniture brand for the modern, environmentally-conscious lollygagger

Loll Designs manufacturers durable, all-weather, modern, outdoor furniture and accessories made from recycled plastic – mostly single-use milk jugs. Find out more here!

4. Smart Ocean Task Chair (by Humanscale)

The first task chair to incorporate recycled ocean plastics in its material composition

The material used to produce Smart Ocean is sourced from Net Positiva, a collection and recycling program aimed at combating the detrimental effects of discarded ocean fishing nets. These nets are transformed into recycled nylon pellets used for manufacturing the task chair. Find out more here!

5. BuzziMood (by BuzziSpace)

An organic alternative to conventional acoustical felt

BuzziMood acoustical wall panels use reindeer moss in place of acoustical felt to provide sound absorption with a mood-enhancing, biophilic aesthetic. Find out more here!

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