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“We (Teknion) may be one of the world’s largest furniture manufacturers, but our business has been built one relationship at a time. Ultimately, business is about people – how we interact, create and innovate – and our products are designed to inspire and to facilitate this interaction. We view an investment in space planning as an investment in both your people and your future, and we take this responsibility seriously, whether it's through the design of forward-thinking products that address workplace trends, or through the establishment of support and service programs backed by a team that we're proud to say is the best in the business. We take tremendous pride in being a family-owned company that has helped organizations around the world work smarter by working better, and we are confident we will do the same for you.”
- Teknion -

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When Saul Feldberg founded Teknion in the early 1980’s, he envisioned a company that would create office systems and furniture to meet the new and changing needs of people at work, one that would grow into a leading provider of office environments. Within a decade, Saul’s vision was a reality. Teknion’s expanding client base was comprised of some of the world’s most innovative and respected businesses.

Teknion’s spectacular growth made industry history and it was clear that this was a different kind of company – one with an entrepreneurial spirit defined by passion, curiosity and bold, creative thinking. In 1993, David Feldberg stepped into the position of company President and CEO and has continued to guide the company into a new century. Under his leadership, Teknion has remained true to environmental stewardship and humanistic ideals and steadfast in its commitment to delivering intelligent, design-driven furniture attuned to the needs of business, people and the environment.


Teknion is an international designer, manufacturer and marketer of office systems and related products, including demountable walls, storage and filing, seating, casegoods, tables, and ergonomic furniture. We are a privately held company with corporate headquarters based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The U.S. headquarters is located in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Since its inception in 1981, Teknion has grown to approximately 3,300 employees worldwide and has approximately 3 million square feet of facilities, including manufacturing plants, showrooms, corporate headquarters and sales offices worldwide.

This vertically integrated, worldwide network enables Teknion to deliver exceptional value to our clients – regardless of location – an advantage that has resulted in a significant increase in market share over the past decade. Our exceptional results spring from both strong customer partnerships and ongoing product innovation.